my, oh my, this foolish world

soap opera drama stuck in its twirl

yep, a dose of character surgery

a happy day for the world-weary

witless souls living the daymare

obsessed sheeple laissez-faire

the world fed up with charades

and wishy-washy masquerades

day by day we struggle to cope

but never will we give up hope

“Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever.”
― Roy T. Bennet

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15 thoughts on “Hope is in the wind

      1. Not yet Miss Eugi…hee iss doin HI-LEE ILLEGAL drugss butt Pawlice keep meowin beecause hee iss not a Deeler iss OKay?!?!!? WTC? An Housin iss NO bettur.
        Wee losin HOPE an BellaSita sayss wee mite have to move an mee mite have to go innto care….
        Mee iss furry wurried….

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