Tag: rhyme

  • Every day a new day

    let’s noodle why’s and ways of the world seems the value of life caught in a twirl aha moments transmogrify into oh no’s ethics and morals strained by anything goes Gaia is distressed about mother nature due to issues with her behavior seems her struggles caught in a whirl she wakes on the wrong side…

  • Mishmash

    a crooked smile warrants an apology from a misshapen drunken apostrophe words in alphabet soup become gossipy creating a potage of curiosity wannabes worried about the economy what about the take on hypocrisy let’s narrow it down to mediocrity a far-fetched attitude from grandiosity perhaps, the study of societal garbology will clue us in on…

  • Behind the end

    moon glows words flow mindsets aspects drawbacks sad sacks headlines guidelines paybacks comebacks somewhere nowhere final song collecting petals til the dust settles Copyright © 2023 Ongoing Whimsy@amanpans.com – All rights reserved. Image by Petra from Pixabay

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