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Welcome to Ongoing Whimsy, where poems from the past meet new beginnings. A hodge-podge of my poems from other platforms finds their way to their new home accompanied by beautiful images, quotes, and whatever strikes my fancy.

Poetry is not a way of saying things; it’s a way of seeing things.” – Karl Shapiro

Let’s hitch a ride on falling leaves

while citing poems of show and tell,

and dance and twirl in whistling air.

While witless bullies hide and stare

so proficient in their wicked ways.

Indeed, ruthless and mindless thieves.

Clearly, it’s an evil mind that deceives

determined to ruin a lifelong dream

But then, who can prove one really cares.

Poetry is language which arises from experience, though sometimes “experience” is mind, thoughts, imagination.” -Diane Seuss

Please visit my other blog, Moonwashed Musings, where I post a weekly prompt to entice creativity among writers. Also, check out my, Guide to Short Poetry Forms, which I will eventually add as a page to Ongoing Whimsy.

The magic is inside you. there ain’t no crystal ball” – Dolly Parton

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